VARK questionnaire results

Here are some ideas to the results that you may get after taking the questionnaire. 

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1. Visual (V)

  •      learn best from seeing information.
  •      learn by watching others.
  •      use images or graphic to remember.

2. Aural/Auditory (A)

  • learn best from tapes, group/team discussion, email, using mobile phones, speaking, web     chat & talking things through.
  • prefer to sort things out by speaking, rather than sorting things out then speaking.
  • prefer for information that is heard.

3. Read/ Write(R)

  •    emphasizes text-based input & output whereby you prefer reading & writing in all its forms.
  •    you prefer the information displayed as words.

4. Kinesthetic(K)

  •     the use of experience and practice that connected to reality such as simulations.
  •     learn best by doing.
  •     enjoy learning through hands-on technique.

5. Multimodals(MM) 

  • you have more than one preference. for example, you may have 2 strong preferences R & K.
  • some of multimodal preferences people said that it is necessary for them to use more than one strategy for learning & communicating.